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About Us

Why iDermoScopy

We are an innovative digital solution created by specialist clinicians for their patients’ ease. We make it possible to quickly and remotely evaluate both GP and secondary care dermatology referrals. We offer a practical and scalable demand management solution. We do not only attempt to diagnose or determine patients’ risk of developing skin cancer, but provide an end-to-end solution, from diagnosis to management and follow up.

Using digital photography we provide the practice of detecting, treating, monitoring, or evaluating skin problems without the need for the patient being present. iDermoScopy can increase productivity while offering the same level of access to high-quality care, tests, and treatments using the current technologies.

Our Services

Prompt Attention

We ensure that patients receive timely treatment in the most appropriate setting and at a higher level of convenience. This boosts secondary care capacity for patients who require face-to-face referrals. Patients can be referred to us by their GP or outsourced by other providers.

Analysis of Images

We provide a professional assessment of skin images within 72 hours of collection. Patients will be invited to iDermoScopy photography clinic for a series of clinical and dermoscopic pictures. AI algorithms will analyse these captured photos in real time, for triage, depending on urgency. All images are then reviewed by specialist clinicians for appropriate actions.

GP Systems Usage

We deliver an individual patient report with outcomes to the referrer and also upload to the GP systems to assist GPs with continuous patient care and treatment plans. No additional workload is transferred back to GP practices.

Easy Scalability

While MHA was the first to employ the iDermoScopy service, the system can be used by other community providers beyond the area. This technology and service enables many more patients to be seen every day.

To the patient

We are an artificial intelligence-powered solution, created to track your skin lesions over time.

For provider

We are the dermatologists’ complying health platform enabling clinicians an innovative platform to triage and manage patient more efficiently.



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